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Post  rG GeNeTiKz on Sun Feb 06, 2011 11:09 am

This is, like the title says, the ultimate thread to download free programs. These are the preferred programs when an editor is editing a call of duty montage for example


Written Tutorial: 1 ) Download the trial from http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/download/trials/vegaspro TIP:Download 32 bit even if you are on a 64 bit computer
2 ) Download Crack and Keygen from megaupload.com 2D7C71SD 100% Virus FREE!
3 ) Run the vegaspro10 installer and install
4 ) Open the Cracking Tools Folder
-click "SonyVegasPro Patch"
-click the top left button
-go into (C:), Program Files, Find "Sony" and click on, but dont open the Vegas Pro 10.0 folder. Click OK
-Click the Plus Sign, then on Crack Me
-Once cracked, press the "x"
5 ) Now open the Keygen AS ADMINISTRATER
- Click Continue
- Under Product name, find Sony Vegas Pro 9.0(32 and 64 bit) Series
- Click Generate a couple times
- Keep the Keygen Open
6 ) Open up vegas Pro 10, and begin to complete the registration
For the Serial Number: Copy and paste the provided serial number from the Keygen
7 ) Click Register from Another computer
- Enter some information [doesn't have to be real info]
- Click Agree
8 ) Copy and Paste the Verification code into the provided section
9 ) Enjoy your FREE version of Sony Vegas Pro 10.0! Cool

Cinema 4D 11.5


Written Tutorial: 1 )Download the torrent thepiratebay.org 5162952/Cinema_4D_Studio_11.514_complete__Mac_OS_X_Windows_
- Download the crack and update thepiratebay.org 5375652/Maxon_Cinema_4D_11.530_Serial_Patch
2 ) Once downloaded, open the folder to see many .RaR files and an .iso file
- go to the iso file, right click to open with and click WinRaR
- Once open in WinRaR click the 2 dots and click Extract To and click where you want it extracted
HINT: Create a new folder called C4D or something, and extract to there to be clean
- drag the serials.txt into the same folder
3 ) Right click on the patch in uTorrent, Open containing folder
- Extract the files with WinRaR to desktop
4 ) Run the setup as administrator
- Begin setup
- Copy and paste the serials once the page opens requiring serials
5 ) Install Cinema 4D including Body Paint
- Install, then Finish
6 ) Once Cinema 4D is open, if an update window opens up click on CLOSE
7 ) Click "Start, My Computer, Program Files, Maxon, Cinema 4D, resource"
- Open the crack folder, and drag dui.cob into resource and Move and Replace
8 ) It will now be updated and cracked, but if the update window pops up you MUST click close, other wise your Cinema 4D wont work!!!

Written Tutorial: megaupload.com KH4XJGYV ( After Effects CS4)


mediafire.com ?jvyztdzw4v1

Adobe Photoshop CS5


How to get 3ds max 2010 free

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